Changelog #5

Changelog #5
Photo by Pawel Czerwinski / Unsplash


  • feat: chat streams continue between app/api screens
  • feat: improved UI in app pane for chat
  • feat: swapped button for small link on verify code screen
  • feat: Github one commit per LLM response to user request with descriptive message
  • feat: little improvements to prompts and tool calls


  • feat: create project screen, overview and project name field updates
  • feat: sign up routes directly to create project form
  • feat: shell exec function added to LLM
  • fix: hooks updated to user Axios over fetch, targeted at tackling the is undefined
  • refactor: frontend component generation in main thread
  • fix: Drizzle token fix


  • chore: created staging FusionAuth env
  • chore: removed beta container branching
  • refactor: removed Python and GPT Assistants from project create
  • fix: handle “replacing” Fly status and remove prompts for user to restart environment


  • refactor: consolidate component generation and iteration
  • refactor: refactor env vars passed to container
  • refactor: stop container phoning home in init
  • feat: enable chat scroll
  • feat: project loading screen with tutorial
  • feat: open frontend in new tab link


  • fix: updated Drizzle to pull latest from npm
  • fix: fixed issue with trailing slash in Drizzle token
  • refactor: API return project shortcode on project create