Changelog #9

Changelog #9
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  • fix: update hooks to use API_URL env var
  • feat: start curating available functions per run with strategy


  • fix: prod deploy regressions
  • feat: cast query params to string in codegen for get hooks
  • feat: improve writeBackendFile - better functionality and errors
  • feat: improve deleteBackendFile - better functionality and errors
  • feat: improved upgrade script to update container image version


  • feat: added query params queryKey for codegen GET hooks
  • feat: added writeFrontendUtilFileFunction


  • fix: initialize container on container start


  • feat: react-query - frontend reloads components without refresh
  • feat: chat history truncation
  • chore: reduced max tool iterations to 5
  • fix: error handling on create page
  • fix: rm temp dir - addresses disk full issues


  • feat: dynamic tool params - included hooks and shadcn enums
  • fix: codegen base url
  • feat: add demo user to database on init
  • feat: added index.ts to components to allow multiple import options
  • feat: added index.ts to hooks and automatically update when codegen runs
  • feat: updated shad components


  • chore: engine-container version 4.0